Zhan Hong

Hi, I'm Zhan Hong.

I'm an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore. I'm pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communications and New Media with a minor in Computer Science. My studies focus primarily on user interface/user experience (UI/UX) research and design.

I enjoy design and programming, especially anything that falls between both categories, like UI/UX and web design.

In my free time, I like to play sports, instruments, or video games. Please take a look around at my site and projects!

A picture of me.

My resume.



Email: choongzhanhong@gmail.com / zhanhong@u.nus.edu
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I like to take on interesting projects. Check out my education and work experience, and my skills and interests. I'm also pretty involved in some student organisations.

A picture of me.
This was me back in 2021. Even after all these years, I think it's still my best photo.

My resume.
Email: choongzhanhong@gmail.com / zhanhong@u.nus.edu


National University of Singapore [2020 – expected 2024]

BSocSci (Honours) in Communications and New Media
Minor in Computer Science
GPA: 4.80/5.00 (First Class)

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science [2012 – 2017]

NUS High Diploma (Distinction)
Honours in Mathematics
Majors in Chemistry and Physics

Work Experience

Health Promotion Board [Jul 2022 – Dec 2022]

Digital Marketing Intern

Managed HPB digital content (websites, campaigns) as well as annual department-wide content audit.

Workforce Singapore [May 2022 – Jul 2022]

Branding and Social Content Intern

Involved with campaigns and roadshow events. Created graphic and written digital content as well.

Other Work

Student Tutor [Jul 2023 – Dec 2023]

Teaching CS1010 Programming Methodology under NUS School of Computing, which introduces students to programming concepts via C and Vim.

Bartender [Jun 2020 – Aug 2021]

Making cocktails at Holland Village. I like a Gin and Tonic, but the Japanese Slipper has its place in my heart.

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Co-Curricular Activities

NUS Students' Union Committee for Information Technology (NUSSU commIT) [2022 – PRESENT]

In 2023-2024, I took over as the Chairperson of NUSSU CommIT. I oversaw the committee's operations and projects, working closely with the rest of the student union.

As the director of NUSSU commIT's training cell, I managed the free workshops targeted at NUS students to impart technical skills, such as the Adobe suite, Excel, Python, and HTML. I personally created the HTML syllabus, which was also my motivation for joining this team.

My responsibilities included managing my team of 15 trainers, together with one other partner director, we trained them on the required technical skills, teaching skills, and created workshop materials. We also handled administrative matters like booking of training venues and publicity of our events. Check out the organisation's Instagram Page.

NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Ambassador [2021 – 2022]

Student representative of the faculty. Planned outreach events during several open house events for NUS and FASS, interacted with members of public and answered queries. See!

NUS Comedy Club [2021 – 2023]

I started out as an executive committee member of the NUS Comedy club, progressing into the vice-president, then the president. During my time in the NUS Comedy Club, I helped to elevate the club's offerings higher; We established connections with figureheads in the local comedy scene, including comedians like Fakkah Fuzz or Dr Jason Leong, as well as organisations supporting comedy like The Lemon Stand Comedy Club.

Altogether, we established an inclusive training ground for aspiring comedians in NUS to grow and learn. Our training sessions and events offer our members opportunities to hone their craft in front of a live crowd, with feedback from experts and experienced peers. Our club now frequently has shows with local venues at The Lemond Stand and Blu Jaz Cafe. Check out the club's Instagram Page, which grew to over 3,500 followers since we began.

NUS Communications and New Media Society [2020 – 2022]

Creative Director; Special Projects Director
Student Leader, involved in creating publicity materials for our Instagram Page, and planning several projects for the student body, including fun activities for the student body, talks involving external organizations, and orientation camps for future students.

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The more fun stuff.

I'm into lifting weights, and although I've read through a few books Namely, Super Squats and Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 original/forever/beyond. and forums/blogs (this one's pretty cool), I think I'm at the stage where I'm doing far less dedicated eating and dieting, due to having limited time. Still, it's a lifetime habit I hope to keep up.

I also play dodgeball, mainly in NUS. I think it's a neat sport that should get more recognition. Throwing balls (and hitting people) is very cathartic. I host and teach dodgeball sessions in my hostel in NUS.

I'm also into coffee, the kind where I buy my own beans and brew it myself, yes. I also enjoy playing the guitar, drums, and singing, all at a very amateur level.


I like teaching and learning stuff. I'm the kind of person who enjoys picking up random new hobbies and projects as well (finishing them, is another story).

I like thinking about design, definitely.

Photo Gallery

Prototypes, Screenshots, and Designs from my various projects.

Check out my portfolio for more information.

The Charlotte Crisis - Interactive Storytelling and Game Design

August 2023 – April 2024

My honours thesis, final year project done with two others. I programmed the game on GameMaker, and also designed the mechanics and interface.

This project explores interactive storytelling through the medium of a story-game to tell a queer narrative.

Recipient of Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Group) and SPH Media Award for 2024.

You can play it on a computer here.

QRPunch - Critical Design

January – May 2024

I took a masters level course that applies design thinking and user experience design methods to critical and speculative design.

Our final project involved the use of Arduino hardware/software, and 3D printing (model made using TinkerCAD), to produce a prototype for our critical design project, which explores the use of QR codes as a rapidly widespread technology.

At the end of rounds of research and prototyping, the resulting product was QRPunch, a device to print (punch) and read QR codes on physical cards.

Mobile UI/UX Design

August – December 2023

I took a course on interaction design for mobile contexts, which includes designing for smartphones, watches, wearables, and other devices used with considerations for mobility, movement, and accessibility.

My final project invovles a full design process from using Figma to produce low to high fidelity prototypes, with user testing and research methodologies being implemented along the way.

I designed a prototype mobile application that assists with public transportation in Singapore. I personally feel there's a lot of information about our public transport systems that could be communicated better, so this was my attempt at it.

intUItive! - VR Design Practices

January – May 2023

This is a 3D interactive "game" made in Unity, to be experienced with a virtual reality (VR) headset. The purpose of this map was to showcase UI/UX concerns when designing in VR.

I was the lead producer of this school project, and was heavily involved in programming interactions, assembling the world (using free 3D model assets), background research, and design (poster, logo, website, video).

I personally worked on the room exploring grabbing interactions in VR. You might be surprised to find there are numerous considerations when designing a simple "pick up" mechanic in VR. The same naturally goes for other aspects of VR; simply put, it is not going to be the same as a traditional 2D interface.

Check out the GitHub page and the entry page for 22nd School of Computing Term Project Showcase (STePS).

We also created Augmented Reality (AR) applications as a mini-project in this course.

Eaterio - UI/UX Design Project

January – May 2022

I took a course on interaction design, in which we learned about the theoretical and practical aspects of UI/UX design, as well as user research methods.

My final project invovles a full design process from using Figma to produce low to high fidelity prototypes, with user testing and research methodologies being implemented along the way.

Check out the writeup page: Eaterio - UI/UX Prototyping Project. There were also other design exercises, in which I created a mid-fidelity prototype of a health services desktop application.


The Charlotte Crisis

A final year project, a practice-based thesis I worked on with two others to fulfil my Bachelor's requirements. I am the game and interface designer, and sole programmer. This involved programming in GameMaker.

Recipient of Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (Group) and SPH Media Award


intUItive! - VR Project

This was done as part of a final project for a class on Virtual Reality interaction design. intUItive! explores user interface/user experience design in VR. I developed parts of the Unity map, scripts, and the overall design of the project.

MovieMate - Software Engineering Project

I worked with a team to create a simple Command-Line application in Java as part of a software engineering module. In the process, I learned Object-Oriented Programming practices and how to use GitHub to work on software in a team.


Eaterio - UI/UX Prototyping Project

This project was done as part of a course on user experience design, and involved an iterative design process. We made a lo-fi prototype which was developed into a hi-fi prototype on Figma. Along the way, we informed and evaluated our design with user studies, interviews, testing, etc.

HTML and Adobe Workshops

I spearheaded and planned a one-day introductory workshop on creating a website using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. During the event, they made their own website to store their portfolio and CV (much like this one!), and networked with each other as well. I also shared my Adobe experience to contribute to our workshop on Adobe Illustrator. These workshops were done during my time in the NUS Communications and New Media (CNM) Society. The skills taught helped NUS students, including those in the CNM department to be equipped with skills relevant to the new media industry.


Parasite - Game Design Project

This game was done in Game Maker Studio 2 as a final project for a Game Design class. I was the lead programmer and producer, programming the source code, helping in other aspects like art. Major props to my teammates for this wonderful game made in seven weeks!


Part of my final project in a HTML/CSS/Javascript class. I created an interactive ball physics simulator. For the actual project, I used Node.js to implement a dynamic web page where multiple users could play a "ping-pong" game using similar ball physics. Unfortunately, GitHub can only serve static pages so that is not shown.


Miscellaneous stuff here. I often have small projects that belong here.

Academic Plan Spreadsheet

I made a spreadsheet academic plan template, with CAP calculator. I made it for myself but it may be of use to you. Get your copy here.

Some Links

I think I could share some interesting sites/stories/etc. I've encountered here.

You have to read 17776.

Confucius Said...

I like this saying that goes:

"It takes two wipes (of the toilet paper) to know that you need three, but it takes three wipes to know you only needed two."
There's probably some variance in how this quote is said. I think this version is quite meaningful, though.

To me, it's the corollary to the quote:

"Hindsight is 20/20."
Where, yes, it's an admission that, with the benefit of hindsight, things may seem clearer or obvious. But, hindsight isn't something you have the benefit of having when you're in the middle of a situation.

So, the choices you make are often informed by what you know at the given point. And there's merit in that. You'll wipe.


I may periodically add some pages. These are the existing ones.

Other Documents

My resume.